Next time you decide to lament the Naira, think of these currencies and then have a little smirk on your face

1. Vietnamese Dong

With a name like Dong, perhaps the worst named currency in the world, what do you expect

22,285 Vietnamese Dong to 1 USD



2. Indonesian Rupiah

13,390 Indonesian Rupiah to 1 USDIndonesianRupiah

3. North Korean Won

North Korea did not win anything here ironically

900 North Korean Won to 1 USD



4. Guinean Franc

Frankly, not a good spot to be in.

7627 Guinean Franc to 1 USD



5. Lao Kip

Hope the Naira Keeps away from this status

8116 Lao Kip to 1 USD


Next time you feel like complaining, lookup these currencies and start giving thanks. it could be worse 😉

Currencies are represented by mockups. Daily fluctuations in currency values give this analysis a plus/minus 100 points non-accuracy.