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Can a Music Video Get Better? Yep

Wizzy's alternate video to his summer hit just surfaced and we had to ask, can a music video get better? We think so. Check it out below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUetSQlxOWY   Here's Original Video which looked like a Hotline bling twin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqW18C4plZ8 Either way, the song...

Intercourse Ep 4 on Stereotypes

Yes! We were finally able to get Trip J onto our show with his friends and now we have even more friends! Check out this video where we talk about all sorts of stereotypes and assumptions we’ve encountered while...

Cariwest Mas Band Launch backstage interviews

If you had second thoughts on attending the Cariwest Carnival this year, just checkout the video to see all the handwork that goes into making this event happen. So come on out, represent where you come from and come as...

1st Annual Ethno Fashion Gala backstage interviews

We had the opportunity to work with the most professional and talented group of people at this show and we are definitely looking forward to seeing everyone back next year. Lots of Love from our family to you all. Enjoy the...

Ethno Fashion Gala Edmonton, Alberta

Ethno Fashion Gala is an annual event celebrating diversity, beauty and culture through fashion, music and arts. The show will feature runway displays by 12 local fashion designers, tons of models, makeup artists and performances by a number of artists. We...

Intercourse: 1 ON 1

Some of you are wondering who Olamide is, how InterCourse came along and what NaijaRepublic is. Olamide answers those questions and some of the ones you all have sent in. This here is InterCourse 1 On 1. Enjoy and...

Intercourse Ep 3: The hypersexualization of the black male (Part 2)

This episode is part 2 of "The HyperSexualization of the black male" and it gets very interesting. Raymond, Alex and Daniel for the guys and Angela and Monica for the ladies chat about the topic and a bit more. Social Media: Lamisko:...

Intercourse Ep 2 – The hypersexualization of the black male (Part 1)*

This episode has got two parts to it and it only gets more interesting. This time we've got Raymond, Alex and Daniel for the guys and Angela and Monica for the ladies. They talk about the truths about dating, the difficulties...


Watch the backstage interviews we had with the professional models at the African Fashion Week Edmonton show. Everyone looked like they were having fun :) Designer Gilles Wouanko founded #Edmonton's African #Fashion Week, now in its fourth year. “The event...

The Great Wall

Guess what?! They’ve done it again! White Hollywood has managed to make another film about non-white people while using white people to play the primary roles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avF6GHyyk5c Am I the only one who sometimes feels like maybe they have a personal...