Saturday, May 27, 2017
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9 Reasons First Gens Rock!

Life in general is really confusing when you grow up as a First Gen in any country. Your entire existence feels like a big pot of contradiction, like a homosexual catholic pastor. It’s so confusing that you can barely...

Killing of Nigerian Asylum Seeker who was with His Family is Sad

The original heading read "Killing of Nigerian Asylum Seeker Stuns and Saddens Italy" This wasn't right, so we changed it. The ones who should be saddened are the family and Nigerians. An Italian man who the authorities say hurled racist abuse...

Secret Life Of Superhero Toys

Ever wonder what your favorite super hero is like when the big cameras aren't around to capture their heroic feats, well, Hrjoe does a great job illustrating   Photos by Edy Hardjo "HrJoe"  

Getting Turnt, tell us how you have fun?

How do you d-stress after a long week at work? Do you unwind like Drizzy here or do you work your butt off even more. We want to know?

5 Things Only if you had Siblings you would understand

1. When you and your sibling got in trouble with mom, the fear of who gets koboko first is worse than being first..   2. When you are the first to tell the truth and your sibling is getting Lit.   3. No...

You think the Naira is Bad, Check this out …

Next time you decide to lament the Naira, think of these currencies and then have a little smirk on your face 1. Vietnamese Dong With a name like Dong, perhaps the worst named currency in the world, what do you expect 22,285...