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NaijaRepublic is about inclusiveness . We accept and celebrate diversity.

2017 CARIWEST Carnival

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3nVPe_BgFA Imagine crisps blue skies, the rhythm and beat of the soca tunes as they blast from Monster trucks far and wide. Beautiful people dressed in bright, colorful carnival attire, masquerading through the downtown streets. The strong Caribbean vibrations moving through...


The inaugural Miss Alberta Pageant, produced by the Non-profit, Heart Of Our Heritage is open to women 17 to 35 years of age, who are single, and with or without children. Eight women of diverse backgrounds with a community...

Ethno Fashion Gala Edmonton, Alberta

Ethno Fashion Gala is an annual event celebrating diversity, beauty and culture through fashion, music and arts. The show will feature runway displays by 12 local fashion designers, tons of models, makeup artists and performances by a number of artists. We...

Not Your Father’s Chuck’s

I remember when I was younger and getting ready for the school year. Brand new School uniforms all ironed and starched out. Long white socks all bleached out. Oh! can't forget the "Chucks". Well, we called them canvas back...


Watch the backstage interviews we had with the professional models at the African Fashion Week Edmonton show. Everyone looked like they were having fun :) Designer Gilles Wouanko founded #Edmonton's African #Fashion Week, now in its fourth year. “The event...

Hiplet Ballerinas

Artistic Director Homer Hans Bryant started to play around with different Hip-Hop moves which eventually led to the development and trademark of the Hiplet™ technique. We suggest if you get the chance to attend his school..Do it :) I want to...

Nigerian Is The New Cool (NITNC) just dropped some new gear

Nigerian Is The New Cool by Da Bottom Clothing just dropped their new line of shirts. Go get yours today and spread the word.   We want the world to see the impact Nigerian culture has on the world.    www.nigerianisthenewcool.com Instagram:...

Mark Zuckerberg with developers and entrepreneurs in Lagos

Mark Z rolled into Lagos unannounced to show support for the entrepreneurial spirit being shown in Africa- Lagos in particular and he seemed to have had a great time. One thing we noticed, if Facebook ever went belly up, he sure...

Queen Jennifer Okechukwu Honoured as Outstanding Beauty Queen of the Year

It was a memorable day for reigning  face of culture Africa, Queen Okechukwu Jennifer as she was Honoured at the just concluded Nigeria Reliable Icon Award 2016. The Enugu state model who has been hugely involved in touching lives of...

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