Blood Of Slaves, Heart Of Kings.

A bold meaning and look from a brand you definitely want to be seen in, BOSHOK Clothing is the creative collective from Victor Umeh. A socially driven brand that recognizes the importance of building strong communities where ever you may be and paying homage to our ancestors one design at a time, we have the pleasure of presenting some of the brands pieces for you to enjoy.
We are looking forward to the brands 2016 summer collection; for now, some words from the founder below.

How BOSHOK decided to go about being different:

We just wanted to create a brand with a positive message that exemplified who we are and what we stand for.  The principles behind the Brand are the same thing we stand for and want to spread that.

We Are a movement, a collective, and a way of life.



What your fans can expect from you in the near future:

Just a lot more expansion of the product line.  Our next release will be our “International Summer Vibes” release this summer.  Will be our best yet.

Great Advice from BOSHOK:

We struggled with finding our lane for a while.  Like we wanted to promote a positive message and give people that are a part of the culture or influenced by the culture a lane to rep within it but we also didn’t want to feel like we were leaving potential customers out.  Now we just do us.

The people that are supposed to identify with it will.  We’re good with that.

Whose behind the Brand:

Anybody that’s supporting the cause by spreading the message or purchasing products is behind the brand.  We aren’t doing this for popularity we are doing this because we need these types of things coming out of our community.  We need a voice for social matters and issues.  We need to create dope products that we get behind and support as opposed to fueling every other industry with our buying power without our input.

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