Life in general is really confusing when you grow up as a First Gen in any country. Your entire existence feels like a big pot of contradiction, like a homosexual catholic pastor. It’s so confusing that you can barely pronounce your many African names, yet you pronounce certain English words with a foreign accent. You often feel like you do not belong, because you’re constantly conflicted trying to balance between dual cultures. Perfect example, sleep overs! What are thoooose? “Why would you sleep in someone else’s bed when you have your own bed to sleep in?” There was no such thing as attending grade school slumber parties with your friends. That’s just one of the many social activities that you had to sacrifice as a First Gen child.

But hey, being a First Gen is actually pretty awesome. I compiled a list of 9 reasons we First Gen’s rock!

Disclaimer: I am aware that this list will not apply to everyone. It’s just for giggles. Don’t take it too seriously 😉

  1. You can claim double nationalities. Amazing by day, Amazing-err by night. Keep them guessing hunnayy!
  2. You’re probably bilingual. Something you can put on your resume!
  3. You’re a modern day philosopher. Spending your entire life questioning your existence and trying to make meaning out of weird proverbs…sounds like philosophy to me.
  4. You’re open-minded. You take the good of both your cultures and cut the bad to create a genuine kick ass perspective of life.
  5. You’ve learned to be really resilient. Getting spanked with spoons, belts, shoes…you learn to be strong.
  6. You learned to aspire to greatness. Because it was done through force, or because you wanted to piss off the parents. Either way, it worked!
  7. You’re probably not selfish. Because you have 1093939 cousins to give gifts to when you go back home to visit.
  8. You’re going to be a great parent. You’ll have ridiculously hilarious stories to tell your children about what your parents did to you. It will scare them straight and make them love you.
  9. You learn to appreciate life. Our parents ended up here for the same reason, and they worked their asses off for us to have a better life.

Have any funny First Gen experiences or more to add to the list? Shaaareeeeee them!