Imagine crisps blue skies, the rhythm and beat of the soca tunes as they blast from Monster trucks far and wide.

Beautiful people dressed in bright, colorful carnival attire, masquerading through the downtown streets. The strong Caribbean vibrations moving through your body as groups pass you by. Well this was exactly the feeling and scene to be had at Cariwest Festival this year.

The music was non-stop, pumping the good riddims, getting all the crowd goers in the carnival spirit. The feeling of togetherness, love, and unity blanketed the streets, enclosing everyone in its warmth. So many proclaiming that this year’s Cariwest festival was the absolute BEST one yet!!! Such an awesome experience to behold. Some would even say, magical, breath-taking, a truly memorable moment made that much more spectacular, through the feeling of love shared by everyone around.

Our NaijaRepublic team was there to capture all the fun and happy faces, and to taste the food of course.

If you weren’t at Cariwest Festival this year, or the Mas Band Launch – you missed out! But no need to fret, because next years’ will only be bigger and better!!


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Special shout outs to The Cariwest Team, Volunteers and everyone that came out to support the event.

Article by Yonae Rolle
Photos by @iruss_t_virus